How do we at Korona choose our brands?

A dynamically developing assortment of our shops sets certain rules for us to follow. We are aware of the importance of the consistent and accurate goods selection according to style, price and quality criteria. In order to match such a high level our managers constantly follow all the latest trends and new faces in the world of fashion.

Successful and promising, conservative and ultra fashionable, budget and luxurious: our brands are so versatile. Nevertheless, they have all passed a rigorous selection on the side of our buyers amongst hundreds of other brands. Clothes represented in “Korona” must always consort with our main principles – quality, comfort, individual style.

However, we are not the only ones on whom the decision process depends. Our clients actively participate in the life of our company by preferring this or that piece of clothing or a brand in general. 4 times a year we hold meetings on which we make decisions with regard to rejecting or ordering certain brands, mostly based on the analysis of our clients choices.

Creating a united concept and spirit for each shop and not loosing the individuality of every brand that is represented is a kind of art. Our staff strives to present the clients with both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing shopping experience.